What is bad about PK


PK is Aamir Khan movie.

  Good Point Unfair Point Remark
1 Movie makes fun of old rituals  - money extracted at temples, coconuts offered in confusion at a church, god-men doling out tortuous advice - and strong lines, including a Muslim girl bravely asserting, "Itna chota nahin ho sakta hamara khuda, ki use hamare school jaane pe aitraaz ho It mostly make fun of Hindu religion.  There is very little/almost none for Muslim.  This is definately Khan view
2 Movie make fun of various wrong doing in India.  These are all true It try to praise pakistan. Does PK means Pakistan
3 Make a point that trust Pakistan Does not do otherwise See point 2 below.
4 Entertainment    
5 Good Acting    


There has been issues when Pakistan embassey is accused of spreading problems in India.

There are organized effort in Europe mosque where Pakistan Muslim are trying to covert Hindu.  The movie not only ignoring those.

Many times it is difficult to know what a person attention is. It is more difficult to know what is inside an actor.  (because they are actor and portray themseleve in different way).

Aamir Khan is India's greates actor.  He is capable of portraying himself in different ways.  He has done a great acting, but movie theme is extremly biased.   This is carefully scripted trap - Gives lot of good thing + entertainment + small dose of bad message that benefit specific community.

If Aamir has good intention he should have highlighted similar issues in Pakistan or not mentioned at all.

why name of movie is PK? Is it devoted to Pakistan

But it is extremly poor where "PK" team became selfish and wanted to squeeze their dirty agenda e.g. in accident where Sanjay Dutt dies given no explaination. In anger Aamir khan and Boman Irani decided to take anger on Hindu Priest. Very misleading, very selfish and very poor direction

2nd bad example of poor direction -

3rd bad example - Recently there are issues in Europe especially Belgium from where lot of people are travelling to Turkey/Syria. Why PK team is trying to change "image of Belgium radicalism" issue"

There is clear pattern - that movie is just hiding genuine issues in one community and making fun of other

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